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Remote private camping has its advantages

Hello camper!

It is my sincere hope that your choice to camp here is one that you will enjoy and remember. This is not like camping at a regular public campground nor is it like camping on the Appalachian trail. It is the best of both. Like the trail, it is private, secluded and intimate with nature. Like a regular campground there is a bathroom and shower facilities, water, electricity, a common area and additional services that can add to your adventure. The following make cave dive camp unique.

When the host is present you have an expert on the areas natural wonders to consult with or guide you should you need it.

The enclosed shelter has a microwave and a refrigerator and can be used to secure items you do not bring during your day activity.

The open shelters with picnic tables have water and electricity to make your stay convenient and comfortable.

Here are some things to advise you before arriving at camp.

This is a leave no trace camping area. Unless arriving on two feet/wheels, be prepared to pack your refuge out. Bags are available as well as containers to temporarily secure your waste items.

Bring your own bed roll. While the camp may provide a structure or RV to camp in with a comfortable mattress, there is no front desk or maids once you accept the facility. Leave these areas as you find them also.

There is no camp store. Bring your own personal needs such as soap, towels, toilet paper, ice, and your favorite camping chair. The camp does not currently sell ice or firewood but scavenging plentiful dead limbs and twigs for your campfire is encouraged.

Pet policy. No pets are allowed in any of the camps enclosed facilities. Well behaved leashed pets and service animals must be on a leash or caged when not within the confines of your own RV and shall not be allowed to roam. It is the policy of the camp that excessive barking is not compatible with the camping experience when other guests are present.